One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers Luffy Vs Kaido Full Fight Explained

One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers, Luffy Vs Kaido Full Fight Explained

In the previous chapter, Gorōsei does not reveal that Luffy’s devil fruit is Hito Hito no Mi. It is said that the fruit has ridiculous power in the world.

The reason for getting a nickname like that is because his awakening is so terrible, namely, the strength of the rubber is getting stronger. In addition, there is one more important point that we must know.

He can fight based on his thoughts. His fighting technique may be compared to that of imagination. This is obvious from the brief fights depicted in these panels. We can see how readily Kaido is battered. Interestingly, when Kaido was battered, he laughed out loud, even though it was clear that the short battle was very brutal.

Luffy can be like that is because of his devil fruit power. Because the fruit has a mind of its own, it literally has freedom. The Gorōsei themselves already explained the proof since they couldn’t use the fruit for the past 800 years. So they think the fruit is indeed away from it. In other words, the fruit has a hunch that they are bad people and the reason why the fruit could be in the hands of Shanks.

Probably he already knew about the origin of the fruit. Because of that, he snatched it from the who’s who escort who was heading to the Navy. After getting the fruit, Shanks chose to find someone who deserved to eat the fruit.

One of his choices is Roger’s son because he previously knew that his captain had a new family before his death. But reality says the other who ate the fruit was Monkey D Luffy.

After the meeting, Shanks began to realize that Luffy was not an ordinary child. It was evident from the determination of Luffy, who wanted to become a pirate later, where these words are very similar to Roger’s dream.

After such a long explanation of chapter 1044, we enter into the discussion of the upcoming predictions from the Spoilers circulating in Arabic. There are four necessary ABS that are already known.

Later the title of chapter 1045 will be Luffy vs Kaido. So it was clear that the battle would focus on the fierce battle between them. The second chapter from the second chapter of The Spoiler. The point is that Kaido’s cannabis will be badly damaged.

This means that here we can see that Luffy will later use his new power to attack Kaido brutally. I don’t know what he did. There must have been a massive clash of King Hockey, so Kaidos and Kanabo were damaged like that.

If we look at the physical strength and punch of Luffy, it seems that it will increase many times, considering that it has been said that the power of the elasticity of the rubber has increased many times.

Luffy eated Hito Hito no Mi

So we can conclude from this that Kaido is starting to get overwhelmed because the brutal attack has damaged his flagship weapon, and the third chapter will be shown a flashback to Kaido’s past.

Maybe for this chapter, we can’t review what Kaito’s past looks like. But since, this chapter will explain the beginning of why he became like this and how he could join to become part of the most substantial pirate rocks.

The fourth chapter contains Luffy successfully knocking down Kaido. It is not clear what kind of attack he will launch. We can know for sure that with the power of Rubber awakening and his free imagination, Kaido can’t continue standing continuously.

So from this chapter, there must be another new move used by Luffy to take down Kaido. Then in this last chapter, we are shown Luffy using his last attack to end this fight. Most likely, the Jutsu took up a lot of energy that was concentrated in his punch.

Caito will also use his final attack, so this final clash is sure to end this very long battle.

It seems that in chapter 1045, there will be a brutal battle between both parties. How will the results of the fight occur? We’ll see next week on April 4, 2022.