One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers New Leaks, Devil Fruit & Sun God Nika

One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers

We already have the first leaks of chapter 1045 of the one-piece manga, and now we will talk about the One Piece Chapter first spoiler that has already been leaked from chapter 1045 of the One Piece, remembering that they are just small leaks in text. But today, we already have some new information from the chapter. Some things are still quite confusing, and we will have all the data only when the full spoiler or entire chapter of One Piece 1045 will release on April 4, 2022.

We already have some news revealed about the new chapter. Guys, it is said that in this chapter, we will have some more information related to the mythical “Hito Hito no Mi” fruit in the Nika model Luffy’s new fruit.

Possibly they will talk a little more about the origin of the fruit, who was its possible owner in the past, and what relationship she could have with Joy Boy. But in addition to the information about Luffy’s new powers.

We will also have some news and information about another important character in this great battle, a character who knows a lot about Joy Boy. As we saw, it is said by Zunesha that Joy Boy had returned, and at that moment where we see that the moment where the big elephant says that Luffy appears with his fruit awakened.

One Piece Chapter 1045 Elephant

So the Sun God Nica has a strong bond with Joy Boy. Possibly Joy Boy was the first owner of the fruit of the Sun God NICAA, or he became just one of the bearers of this fruit over the centuries as there may have been other users of this fruit before Joyboy, many people may have achieved this power, and that doesn’t diminish the importance of the fruit or the fruit’s ability, regardless of whether Joyboy was a user of that fruit or not.

As only the Gorosei has information about the fruit that Luffy ate, they are likely the ones who in the chapters will continue talking about the fruit and maybe passing on important information about the natural powers of this fruit.

The Gorosei of the past may have informed about the powers that the fruit of the Sun God Nica possesses to the next generations, just as they passed on the information about the existence of this legendary fruit in which the first Gorosei changed the name of the fruit. After all, they fear this fruit, and for that reason, all Gorosei should know about it so that they are careful with the user of this power.

One Piece Chapter 1045 Gorōsei aka Five Elders

In the spoiler of One Piece chapter 1045, it is said that a comparison is made of Luffy’s Snakeman transformation in his fight against Katakuri. So they are probably comparing the speed and strength that both showed during the battle, in addition to probably being reaching mainly that in his Gear five Luffy can possess the same characteristics of Katakuri and also of his Gear fourth snake-man, because in this new transformation, Luffy got the ability to stretch his body even further, possibly possessing an almost unlimited distance of when he can stretch.

Not only that, but now his body also has similar characteristics to Katakuri as Katakuri also has an awakened devil fruit, giving Luffy the possibility of possibly being able to modify his body in any way he desires. But also the ability to make his body similar to a Logia, making him virtually intangible when he unites the power of his fruit, along with his ability to briefly predict a few seconds into the future with his hockey.

Finally, we got it right; there will be a flashback about Kaido in the chapter. It will likely be telling his story and his discovery about Joy Boy. After all, we know that he was on the side of the Rocks Pirates and for some time knew about Wine and Joy Boy, since it could be that Kaido formerly wanted to become Joy Boy, helping to save everyone who was suffering because of Sekai Sifu.

It could be that he is looking for Joy Boy’s help, and for that reason, he has been waiting for him for a long time. So it could be that during this flashback, we will learn more about his past and what led him to become so strong. And maybe we will also see how he got this supposed immortality that he possesses.

One Piece Chapter 1045 Fruit Ending Explained

We still don’t know many things about Kaido’s past, so Eiichiro Oda may even reveal information about Xebec, the great Pirate who could even rival Gol D. Roger. As such, there is a slight possibility that during this flashback, we also get information about Xebec’s actual goals and why he was organizing a crew of powerful Pirates.

It may even be that Xebec’s goal is to get the power of the Sun God. After all, it was said that Sekai Sifu had this fruit for a long time and on several occasions. For now, only this information about this chapter. But it may not be the end of this confrontation between Luffy and Kaido. Since during this chapter, there will be a considerably large flashback, we will then see a possible development in Kaido’s personality in history.

We will have much more information about this character’s past that so far, we have very little information. Who knows, it will even show Yamada’s mother what Kaido’s life was like in the past and what was always motivating him.

After all, we know that he has a great interest in Wana and says that no one in that battle knows the truth about Wana, so it’s very likely that in these next chapters, we won’t see the final outcome of the fight.

One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers Straw Hat

Odo will probably develop even more about the truth about Kaido and his connection with Joy Boy as he continues to face one of the biggest battles of his life.

In this chapter, there will also be a greater focus on Luffy’s fruit. Gorosei should better explain the operation of this incredible power that the Sun God Nica provides to our protagonist Luffy. So Luffy will also gain great prominence.

In addition to that, in these next chapters, we will also have more information about Insomnia as this character presents, having great knowledge about the Boyd century, and also learning about Joy Boy and the incredible power he possesses. Ansama may be directly linked to Joy Boy, which further increases the likelihood of him appearing.

Since right now, the Gorasi are talking about the power that the fruit of the Sun God Nika possesses, it could be that Imsama has even more knowledge about this fruit. And so, in the next chapters, he will reveal a lot of other information that not even the Gorisai have knowledge about. After all, we know that Kaido has some knowledge of Joy Boy, and he can reveal what he knows about this character during flashbacks.


One Piece Chapter 1045 Luffy vs Zoro

In this chapter, it is quite likely that we will see what will happen to Orochi. As in chapter 1044, we see that during his conversation with Hiyori, Orochi ended up being inexplicably attacked by Kanjiro’s spirit, who may have regretted it.

We will then see if he will lose his life through Kanjuro’s flames, or will he still manage to survive to cause even more trouble for Hiori and her allies, who are currently busy fighting? We have to remember that there is still a member of Cypher Pole Zero in Anagashima watching all the happenings of the place.

He may have been ordered by the Gorisai to do something essential in Anagashima, being very likely that it is still the mission to capture Nico Robin. Since she was not shown in this last chapter, it may be that Cipher member Pole Zero is waiting for the Navy ships to arrive in Wana to be able to capture her and take her quickly to the ships as the ships are very close to Juana when they get there. The Navy members in Cypher Pole will cause a big problem for Cairo’s Pirates and Luffy’s allies.

Luffy One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers

Onigashima will descend to the surface only when Kaido is defeated or when Kaido decides to make his clouds disappear. Giving up on his plan, we saw that Momonasuk, who now has greater control over his Dragon transformation, would make clouds appear around Anagashima just like Kaido did.

This is because Kaido is tired. So he will do this to get the island to descend, calming so that no one is hurt by this time; the Marine ships will have arrived in Wanak to defeat the surviving Pirates. Even though Luffy has become very strong with the awakening of his fruit after his confrontation with Kaido, he will not be able to keep fighting since he has struggled for a long time without stopping to rest.

His body must already be completely exhausted, but because of his awakening, the joy he is feeling is hiding a bit of the tiredness and pain in his body; after the clashes are over, it is pretty likely that Loathe will end up being unconscious for a long time until he can restore his strength again to continue his journey.

So this would be a perfect time for this member of Cypher Pole Zero, who is still in Anagashima, to try to capture Nico robin, as her allies would not be able to protect her because of the great exhaustion they are feeling from the conflicts.

One Piece Chapter 1045

However, it’s worth remembering that Robin is now much more robust than before, and she can keep fighting to protect the other straw hat Pirates who are already tired.

Several events can occur in this chapter since, at that moment, Luffy’s allies will not need to fight Kaido, who is now fighting against Luffy, who has just awakened with new power.

Luffy’s allies will now be able to prepare to leave on Nagashima, as there are only a few Pirates allied with Kaido that are still in combat. The only danger that can arise currently is the Navy, and as CASARA said a few chapters ago, it could be that he’s heading to Wana as now that Luffy has managed to awaken the power of his devil fruit, things have gotten more dangerous than before, and that might make a kind of change his mind or get a request from the Gorosei to send an Admiral.

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With the legendary fruit reawakened and being used by a pirate, the Sekai seafood will be endangered, and as we know, Casaro is the only Admiral who has the ability to get to Wanak quickly without the need for a boat.

After all, we know that the fruit with the power of light that he has allows him to turn into fragments of light and go to the desired location, this being a possible means of transportation that Khazara can use to go to the Islands without the need for a boat.

In this way, Kazara may already be going at this very moment to confront Loafi and his allies, who will possibly be winners of this fight against two Yonkers, but this is something that we will only know with more information.

After all the leaks only informed everyone talking about some subjects Luffy and Katakuri’s fighting style, and also revealed that we will have flashbacks of Kaido, but as soon as we have new leaks, we will update the information.