One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoilers, Release Date & Reddit Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoilers

We are back with the One Piece Chapter 1046 spoiler. Have you received the news, right? Based on the One Piece chapter 1046, it’s informed that it will be published on April 10, 2022, and a. Or a pretty exciting clue, it seems that we will get it beforehand. Mimi Reminds Back of One Piece magazine is a unique book for this extensive series; it contains certain story information and production details back to One Piece magazine volume 14. Oda Sensei made an illustration with the theme or title of a piece of Dream.

This illustration was drawn directly by Oda Sensei; in the picture, we can see our beloved Captain eating Ki-in Luffy is depicting something on a paper and what is depicted seems to be a picture of his crew; we start with Nico Robin, who is shown wearing an all-black suit then we can see Franky with a smile and his trademark style.

Oda Sensei

Then there is Tony Tony Chopper, who looks like he is flying, then there are 6 who are depicted as fish that Lupi has described before.

On constant pressure with kicks and eyes full of love, then there is my stalking with a green guitar in the shape of a fish. A substance looks like a Pinocchio wooden doll carrying a slingshot. It continues again there is a sea knight, jinbesan, who also looks happy; then the last one calls himself the King of Hell or the King of hell in the same fashion when he finished slashing and defeating King The wildfire.

However, something is interesting in Zoro’s eyes is that both tutors are described as open. Even though we all know that after the time skip or two years of training, Roronoa Zoro Bali looks like he has lost his left eye, or we can say he is blind, so far, there has been no remarkable confirmation about it Is.

Blinded due to an incident during a busy time, was it intentionally blinded, or maybe it was deliberately covered up for some reason, and now in One Piece magazine volume 14, both eyes are open.

One Piece Chapter 1046 beast

Is this a first or a hint, or is it just a picture error? What do you think, if we look at the Straw Hat Pirate Monster Trio, Sanji, and Upin, at this point, they have become extraordinary and terrible figures, they only can regenerate and obtain body hardness and exoskeletons, and then Luffy also has how much forehead and Ipin strength true of his devil fruit he has become the standard of marriage.

Luffy has become Coy oi, which has unstoppable fists and unlimited stamina, as we just saw in chapter 1045. Indeed, Roronoa Zoro, besides being great, has a legendary sword from the Legend swordsmith then resurrected.

Waki at the top level, of course, with unexpected things, for example, instinctual sharpness with the opening of his left eye will have a significant influence on the actions of our beloved Captain to achieve his Dream, Dreamwings of the future pirate king must be extraordinary, and both of them will always support you.

What do you think? Maybe first, I can be happy with you guys; I hope you guys are entertained by what I did last time; if there are mistakes in pronunciation or things that don’t fit the anime clan, I apologize profusely.


One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoilers Reddit Leaks

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One Piece Chapter 1046 Reddit Leaks