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Paul Murdaugh


Real NamePaul Murdaugh.
Age When Died22.
Birth DateApril 14, 1999.
Birth PlaceHampton, South Carolina, America.
Date of DeathJune 7, 2021.
Place of DeathIslandton, South Carolina.
HomeEdisto Beach, South Carolina, America.
ParentsFather: Richard Alexander Murdaugh.
Mother: Maggie Murdaugh.
SiblingsBrother: Buster Murdaugh.
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Love Life
Ex-GirlfriendMorgan Doughty.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 11.5".
In centimeters: 181.6 cm.
In meters: 1.81 m.
WeightKg: 81.3.
Pounds: 179.2 lbs.
SchoolThomas Heyward Academy.
CollegeUniversity of South Carolina.
AthleticsSkeet Shooting.

Paul Murdaugh with Morgan Doughty

Who was Paul Murdaugh?

Paul Murdaugh (April 14, 1999 – June 7, 2021) was the 22-year-old son of one of South Carolina’s wealthiest men, Richard Alexander Murdaugh, aka Alex Murdaugh. Being the descendent of Randolph Murdaugh Sr, Paul was a known personality in SC.

In 2021, news came that he and his mother, Maggie, were found dead at a family lodge named Moselle. The victims were reportedly murdered, and bullet wounds were found on their bodies and the last video Paul recorded on his Snapchat just minutes before he was killed.

Alexander was the first person to see them in that situation, and without wasting any time, he called the police. It did not take much time for cops to reach the scene.

The murder of Alex’s wife and son captured the attention of international media; everyone felt sad for the man as he had lost two of his dearest family members in a single day, but things got more serious when investigators termed him as the main suspect and person of interest.


Alex Murdaugh in courtroom

The Murder trial of Alex Murdaugh

In July 2022, Murdaugh was charged with two charges of murder. He entered a not-guilty plea to the allegations, and as a result, a trial date was set for Colleton County, South Carolina.

The jury selection process is the first stage of the trial; however, due to the well-known family name, it was difficult to choose 12 jurors who were unfamiliar with the Murdaughs or the case. Due to the family’s tight ties to law enforcement, the local authorities that were the first on the scene of the crime withdrew from the investigation.

The jury was selected, and the trial got underway. The shirt Paul’s father was wearing the night of the killings was one of many pieces of evidence presented by the prosecution, and it is anticipated that it would play a significant role in the trial.

It had minuscule amounts of blood spatter, which, according to court filings, indicates that Alex may have been nearby when one of his family members was shot.

Defense lawyers, however, asserted in a different document that the state’s testing of the clothing was conducted using faulty methods, rendering additional testing unfeasible. The trial is anticipated to go on for several weeks, and Murdaugh’s life sentence is what the prosecution is requesting.


Paul Murdaugh with father mother and brother

How Old was Paul Murdaugh?

Paul Murdaugh (age 22) was born on April 14, 1999, in Hampton, South Carolina, America, to Maggie Murdaugh and Richard Alexander Murdaugh. He was the second child of his parents after his elder brother Buster.

Some people say that the love of his mom and dad spoiled him. He studied at Thomas Heyward Academy and was a member of the school’s basketball and baseball team.

Paul Murdaugh playing basketball

Upon opening Maggie’s Facebook account, you will find that the Murdaugh family used to indulge in activities like boating and hunting every weekend. In 2017 he completed high school and joined the University of South Carolina, but a year before graduation, he got murdered.


Place where Paul Murdaugh and Maggie Murdaugh died

Paul Murdaugh’s Alcohol Addiction & Boat Accident

Paul first became the topic of news in 2019 after a boat accident. According to WSAV, the youngest member of the Murdaugh family was driving a boat on Archer’s Creek; he was overly drunk and lost control, following which the boat hit a piling; the impact threw a young girl named Mallory Beach into the water.

Seven days later, the dead body of the girl was recovered by the search unit, following which Renee Beach, mother of Mallory, filed a lawsuit against Paul.

Young Murdaugh’s then-girlfriend, Morgan Doughty, who had spent countless hours with him, filed an affidavit where she revealed that the young suffered from an addiction to alcohol and his parents did nothing to stop it; instead, they used to buy him alcohol.


Paul Murdaugh Instagram

Paul Murdaugh Q&A

Ques: When was Paul Murdaugh born?

Ans: On April 14, 1999.

Ques: What was Paul Murdaugh accused of?

Ans: Once, he was drunk and piloting boating; unfortunately, he lost control, and a horrible accident occurred, killing a young lady named Mallory Beach.

Ques: Which Murdaugh son was in the boat accident?

Ans: Paul Murdaugh.

Ques: Who is Paul Murdaugh’s brother?

Ans: Richard Alexander Murdaugh Jr., aka Buster.