Corona virus: People having nightmares in lockdown know what is the reason

People having nightmares in lockdown know what is the reason

When corona infection rises, so will its adverse effects. According to recent studies, corona also has a negative impact on people’s dreams. According to researchers, most people afflicted with coronavirus often have nightmares.

Scientists have come to the realization that there is a link between nightmares and coronary infection by the application of artificial intelligence. Although indications of such dreams are often received from people who are not afflicted but spend a lot of time in Lockdown.

According to a News in the New York Times, in the sixth week of Fernando Covid-19 Lockout, scientists analyzed sleep and stress data for more than four thousand citizens.

It involved individuals who were contaminated. According to the study, some 800 of these people provided details about their dreams during that period. Many of these people shared fear about the outbreak and said they had terrifying nightmares of the past.

Analysis has said that, in this sense, influencing people’s dreaming describes the horrors of the corona. Test outcomes can also be used to predict the effect of these conditions on dreams. It is said that the situations under which we live have an impact on our dreams.

This subject is very difficult, however. On Thursday, when the number of coronal infections in the world reached the 3 crores 42 lakh, the death toll also reached the 10 lakh mark. While a total of 24 million people around the world have now been healed.