PM Imran Khan raised Kashmir issue in UN-TS Tirumurti Twitted

PM Imran Khan raised Kashmir issue in UN-TS Tirumurti Twitted.jpg

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again spewed venom against India from the international stage and raised the question of Kashmir, where India has made it clear that Jammu and Kashmir was an unbreakable part of India.

Mijito Vinito, an Indian delegate, left the United Nations General Assembly as soon as Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan began his speech at the UNGA.

Imran Khan commented on the internal affairs of India, against which this action was taken on behalf of the representative of India. Ambassador TS Trimurti, India’s Permanent Envoy to the United Nations, tweeted that Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s comment was another diplomatic result.

This is another bunch of propaganda—private threats and massacres against Pakistan’s minorities and efforts to conceal extremism along the frontier. Tirumurti Murthy said India would react appropriately on the right platform.

At the 75th session of the UNGA, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his pre-recorded video message, attacked Sangh, saying that the RSS is seeking to make India a Hindu country by sacrificing the secular ideals of Gandhi and Nehru.

Also, referring to the 2002 Gujarat riots, Imran said that Muslims were being tortured in India. In his message, Imran sang the Kashmir declaration and said that India had unlawfully invaded Kashmir and that the human rights of the people had been abused there.

When India was listed in Imran Khan’s speech, Mijito Vinito, India’s first Secretary of Permanent Mission to the United Nations, left the General Assembly Hall. In response to Imran’s comment, the First Secretary said that this is the same country that gives pensions to the hated and mentioned State Fund terrorists.

The speaker we learned today is the same guy who said in his country’s parliament that the killer Osama bin Laden was a martyr.

In the case of Kashmir, Vinita said that the same chief who spewed poison openly admitted in America in 2019 that there are still some 30 to 40 thousand jihadists in his country who are educated from Pakistan and that Afghanistan and Jammu are fighting in Kashmir.

He said that the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is an unbroken part of India. The remaining conflict applies to the position of Kashmir, which is now under the unlawful occupation of Pakistan. We call on Pakistan to clear all areas that are under its illegal trade.

Vinito said that Pakistan had tortured minorities by misusing the law. They have had little success in the last 70 years, aside from insurgency, fundamentalism, and illicit nuclear trade.

Pakistan wants to stop promoting terrorism to become a civilized country and focus on internal issues, including its minorities.

Vinito, the UN’s first secretary, said that Pakistan must avoid the abuse of the UN forum for its sinister agenda and that Jammu and Kashmir was an unbreakable part of India. The laws and regulations that have been implemented are an internal matter for India.