Prithvi Shaw’s going to be champions of international matches

Prithvi Shaw's going to be champions of international matches

Double power on the Delhi team. The 3D element P functions. Dhoni washed the two P’s together. P factor ie Prithvi and Pant on the Delhi team. So the young batsman who has made DC the riskiest in IPL 2020.

Prithvi shaw couldn’t do much in the first match, but Prithvi displayed his fierce strength against Chennai yesterday. Prithvi managed a magnificent 64 runs out of 43 hits.

In his 64-run innings, Prithvi struck a six with nine quads and shared 94 runs with Shikhar Dhawan for the first time. If seen, Prithvi shaw is considered to be Team India’s next star. In a very short period, Earth has already developed its name.

And now Prithvi is having his talent ironed in the IPL. It’s worth remembering that Prithvi is known to be the best test batsman, but even in the shortest cricket game, Prithvi doesn’t want to be behind anyone.

Together with Prithvi, Rishabh Pant also played a fine inning for Delhi. If Pant’s innings are the most sensible innings, it won’t be wrong at all. Rishabh Pant scored 37 out of 25 balls.

Pant hit five fours in his 37-run innings. In other words, Pant did not commit any neglect against Chennai. Pant was seen fleeing aerial shots from the air. That is, Pant had a strong fight and helped his captain Shreya Syed. Captain Iyer has scored 26 runs.

Apparently, the young players are crushing the Delhi team this time. If it’s beating or throwing. The youngsters of Delhi are supposed to replicate similar results in the coming matches and win for their side.