Priyanka Gandhi become Life Saver when Police started lashing out on Congress workers

Priyanka Gandhi become Life Saver when Police started lashing out on Congress workers

The picture of Indira Gandhi in Priyanka Gandhi was used by a wide part of the Congress. Their look or way of talking about their hair. It is often said that the temperament of Priyanka is almost like the peaceful temperament of Indira and that the bravery she had in her is still evident in Priyanka Gandhi.

This is because one such video is going viral on Twitter. On Saturday evening, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi and General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, who were going to visit the victims’ family members in the Hathras Case, were stopped at a DND flyover.

Interested by this, Congress employees began the flyover with a ruckus. When the commotion erupted, the people battled with the people as they ordered the Congress staff to leave. After this, the police began lathis on the Congress employee.

Seen this, Priyanka Gandhi arrived there to save her work from the police and rescued the worker. The video reveals that a strong police presence was mobilized to avoid the DND flyover by Congressional staff.

Any demonstrators meanwhile were attempting to reach the police barricade to move on. The police captured the activists and began Lathi in order to protect the Congress workers.

As soon as Priyanka Gandhi saw her being thrashed by the Congress worker, she approached the worker who lowered the barricade and moved the police and rescued the Congress worker.

The worker was then put in a car and Rahul Gandhi asked Priyanka Gandhi about his situation. With this, the top leaders of Congress entered Hathras, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi met in a locked room with the Hathras case victim’s relatives.

In the midst of this, Priyanka embraced and comforted the mother of the deceased. On social media, photographs welcoming Priyanka Gandhi have gone viral. There were such bravery and love in Indra Gandhi, too.

A story similar to this was once Indira Gandhi addressed a public gathering and at the same time stones began to be thrown at her in the crowd and local leaders asked her to quickly finish her speech, but they only started to speak when a stone began to come to her nose and blood began to pour from her nose.

She cleaned the blood on both of her fingertips. Her nose was broken, but not enough for Indira Gandhi to be distracted. She marched around the country for the next two days with a plaster covering her nose.

Something related can also be seen in the viral video of Priyanka Gandhi, which is debated everywhere and people laud her bravery and her responsibility for the workers.