Rachael Ray lake Luzerne House, John M. Cusimano Wife & Dog Bella is Safe

Rachael Ray House Fire

Rachael Ray lake Luzerne House: The biggest news has come from the home of American television personality and businessman Rachel Ray that fierce fire broke out in her house near Lake Luzerne, New York, at around 8:30 pm on Sunday, due to which the entire home has destroyed.

It believed that a fire broke out in the chimney around 7:30 pm on Sunday. The fire was “completely engulfed,” and the house could not save.

The pictures of her burning house are going viral rapidly; people are also praying for her safety.

Nevertheless, the full cause of the fire is not known; The good thing is that no one died in this accident. John M. Cusimano’s wife Ray also said that both her life partner and dog Bella are safe.

Warren County Sheriff Jim Laffer said they are investigating the cause of Rachael Ray’s burning house accident.