In Mumbai, due to heavy rain until late Tuesday, there was waterlogging all over the city. Vehicles have been stranded for several hours due to excessive water saturation on the roads. With the aid of residents, the police evacuated the trapped drivers to a safe spot.

Simultaneously, owing to heavy rain, the Sion railway station in Mumbai was flooded with sewage. The passengers hid under the teens until late at night. On the other side, because of the water in the tracks, passengers had to wait a long time for the train.

Given the unstable rain conditions, local train and bus services were suspended. According to the Meteorological Service, Mumbai could also have substantial rainfall today. There is also a chance of heavy storms. On the other hand, people’s lives have been disrupted due to heavy rains on Tuesday night.

Due to the flooding on the roads, it has been impossible for people to get out of their homes. Due to heavy rain, the railroads suspended the local rail service between CST Thane and CST Vashi due to waterlogging in Sion Kurla, Chunabhatti Kurla, and Masjid.

Shuttle service continues to Thane Kalyan, Vashi, and Panvel. According to the information provided by the Meteorological Department, there is a risk of partially cloudy and light rain in the capital of the country on Wednesday.

Over the last 13 days, the city has recorded no relief. The previous rainfall was reported at the Safdarjung Center of the Meteorological Department on 8 September. In this month, Delhi got just three days of rain. Due to no rain, people are facing the sluggish sun.