Shane Warne said that Sanju Samson also the Perfect player for India Tests and ODI

Shane Warne said that Sanju Samson also the best player for India for Tests and ODIs

Shane Warne, Australia’s great spinner and former Rajasthan Royals player, says Sanju Samson is a marvelous player. Who admired Sanju Samson, a young batsman.

Warne said about Sanju that he’s shocked that wicket-keeper Sanju doesn’t play all the Indian formats. According to Shane, Sanju Samson is a wonderful player. They’ve been doing this for a long time, and they assume they’ve seen a star that they’re shocked to see after a long time.

How does Sanju not find a spot for India in all formats? He says Sanju is a good shooter, and he’s got all the shots and classes. Warne is optimistic that by consistently performing well, he can help the Royals win the IPL.

Warne was not upset at Sanju Samson’s match against Punjab on Sunday. Only Sanju Samson, the hero of Rajasthan’s win, was chosen in this match. He scored 85 runs in 42 hits, including 7 sixes and 4 fours.

Samson also ended his IPL career with a hundred sixes in this contest. He was named the Man of the Match for his outstanding Innings. Earlier, Samson also earned the Rajasthan Royals by 16 runs, hitting 74 runs in 32 balls against the Chennai Super Kings.

Through his innings, he has repeatedly proven that it is right for the team management to believe him. How do you like a batsman like Sanju Samson? And tell us about this in the comment area.