Sharjah Cricket Stadium become Haunted Stadium for bowlers in IPL 2020

Sharjah Cricket Stadium become Haunted Stadium for bowlers in IPL 2020

The IPL, India’s largest cricket festival, has begun, and the coronal disease that has erupted in the early stages of the IPL has taken a flying toll.

In the UAE, with fours and six rain every night, there is already a lot of excitement in many cricket-loving countries, including India, but wait. It’s not like everybody’s excited about this IPL. Some people are poorly engulfed, and they’re none other than bowlers playing in the IPL.

Let’s just explain why. This year, more than three IPL matches will be played at Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi Stadiums in the UAE. While thrilling matches are being played on all three grounds, one of these stadiums is such that it has become a cursed spot for bowlers.

This ground is Sharjah Cricket Stadium Let’s look at these figures and see why the bowlers are so terrifying. A tear of number 62 in Sharjah, so far four innings have been played in Sharjah and so far a total of 62 sixes have been played in these four innings.

The bowlers in this field eat a total of twenty-six sixes in each game. More than 800 runs have been scored in four innings so far, which means that, on average, the bowler invests more than 10 runs in every over-economy.

Not just this, every seventh green on this field is going to the limit. If we talk about the Chinnaswamy Stadium, here every six balls strike six, while every 19th Gayle hits the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Whereas both of these stadiums are among the smallest in India. No wonder the photo seems much riskier compared to the plains of India. Talk about the other land, that is. Dubai, there are just five sixes in the bowler.

Whereas in Sharjah, bowlers eat more than 15 sixes on average, which is more than three times as many. On one side, the record of the highest run chase was smashed because of this creepy picture of Sharjah’s ground.

On the other side, on the S 117 road just opposite the stadium, the glass of several cars is also shattered. Let’s say the next match in this area is Rajasthan VS Chennai and Rajasthan VS Kings XI Punjab. It’s going to be fun to see.