Sonu extended a helping hand in this way for 50 girls from the same village

Sonu extended a helping hand in this way for 50 girls from the same village

A matter of controversy around the world is Bollywood star, Sonu Sood. Sonu came to be the Angel for millions of migrant workers during the time of Lockdown when Sonu took lakhs of migrant workers to his home, and Sonu still helps people a lot.

Sonu brings people from getting work to being handled by them. He is still happy to support others. He wanted to support 50 girls from a village in Jharkhand in this film.

50 girls have lost their jobs because of the lockout in the village of Jharkhand. As a result, the actor also replied well to it when a person pleaded with Sonu Sood for help. A social media user called Sonu Muni actually requested Sonu Sood’s assistance.

In the tweet, he wrote that we were from the Jharkhand district of Dhanbad. We and 50 of the girls in our village have lost their employment because of the lockdown, and now we are all unemployed in our own homes. Both of us need a career. Support us. The only hope is you.

On this, Sonu Sood replied to the girl’s tweet and wrote that within a week, these 50 Dhanbad sisters are going to do a good job, that’s my pledge. Recently, Sonu Sood has also helped educate the children of a village in the Panchkula district of Morni.

Kids were genuinely frustrated with the sluggish internet because they couldn’t take online courses. Sonu went through a video to hear about the issues of these men. A boy sat on the tree branch in this video to capture the cell signal.

What was there then? He had the cell tower built in the village as soon as the news was heard. Not just that, but Sharada, a software engineer from Hyderabad who helped Sonu Sood get her job, is evidence of Sonu’s kindness.

This girl lost her job because of Corona and, under compulsion, the girl had to start selling vegetables. Sonu Sood, however, took the aid of his hand and interviewed this girl and submitted a work letter as well.