Sukhdool Singh Sukha Duneke Wiki, Age, Father, Mother, Siblings, Girlfriend and More

Sukhdool Singh Sukha Duneke
Quick Info
Real NameSukhdool Singh.
AkaSukha Duneke.
Birth Date1986.
Birth PlaceDuneke Kalan, Moga, Punjab, India.
Died Aged37.
Died OnSeptember 20, 2023.
Killed ByMembers of Lawrence Bishnoi Group.
ParentsFather: Gurnaib Singh.
Mother: ---
SiblingsBrother: Sukhchain Singh.
Sisters: Two.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 6' 0".
In centimeters: 182.8 cm.
In meters: 1.828 m.
Criminal Profile
Was Incharge OfDavinder Bambiha Group.
Accused ofMurder.
Contract Killing.
Aiding Escape of Prisoners.
UAPA Related Cases.
Wanted ByNIA (National Investigation Agency).


Sukha Duneke Sukhdool Singh

All About Sukhdool Singh alias Sukha Duneke

Sukhdool Singh, also known as Sukha Duneke (age 37, 1986 – September 20, 2023), was a wanted Canada-based Indian gangster running the notorious Davinder Bambiha Gang operations.

Sukha, a Khalistani terrorist, who was responsible for numerous murders and had ₹10,00,000 prize on his head, was roaming freely in Canada under the special protection provided by Khalistan lover – Justin Trudeau.


Sukhdool Singh Sukha Duneke was shot in Winnipegg

Recently, news came that unidentified people ambushed and killed Sukhdool in a residential area in Winnipeg. The people who attacked Duneke fired 15 bullets, so the notorious extortioner died on the spot.

The incident happened due to growing diplomatic tensions between India and Canada. A few days before the death of Sukha, Justin, a close ally of Khalistani terrorists, blamed India in the House of Commons for the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

It will be interesting to see who Trudeau will blame this time, although he is expected to take some time to respond due to the extreme grief he is experiencing because of the demise of Duneke.



Lawrence Bishnoi group killed Sukha Duneke

Sukha Duneke Died In a Gang Rivalry

Canada has seen a concerning rise in criminal activities, notably a surge in gang violence in recent years, coinciding with Justin Trudeau’s tenure as the country’s leader. One of the most recent incidents that grabbed headlines was the tragic murder of Sukha Duneke.

It is reported that Duneke had a close association with Arsh Dalla, a prominent figure in the Khalistan Tiger Force, which unfortunately made him a violent target. When news of Duneke’s murder surfaced, it was accompanied by a shocking announcement from Larence Bishnoi, widely known as one of India’s most influential gangsters.

Bishnoi took to Facebook to confess that he and his group were responsible for Sukha Duneke’s murder. He explained that Singh had been targeted due to his alleged involvement in planning the murder of Sandeep Nangal Ambian, a beloved Kabaddi player.


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Sukhdool Singh Sukha Duneke was a Wanted Criminal

Duneke was Behind Sandeep Nangal Ambian’s Murder

On 14 March 2022, tragedy struck in Mallian Khurd, just outside Jalalandar, Punjab, as Sandeep Nangal Ambian, a UK resident visiting his homeland of India for a family trip, was brutally assassinated. The purpose of his journey was to witness a kabaddi tournament in his hometown.

Shockingly, during a local friendly kabaddi match as part of the Kabaddi Cup around 6 pm, unidentified assailants targeted Sandeep and fatally shot him. This grim event unfolded while he was watching the game.

The fatal shooting occurred as he exited the tournament area. Reports indicated a horrifying detail of the attack, with approximately 20 bullets fired at his head and chest. Reportedly, Duneke was behind Sandeep’s murder and was the mastermind behind the entire planning.



Sukhdool Singh Sukha Duneke Died

Sukhdool Singh Was Protected By Canadian Government

In 1986, Sukhdool Singh (Sukha Duneke, age 37) was born in Duneke Kalan, a village in Moga, Punjab, India. Reportedly, Sukhdool’s father, Gurnaib Singh, was a driver in the electricity department.

In 1988, Sukha’s father, a hard-working man, was on duty when some terrorists surrounded his vehicles and killed him. FYI, in those days, Punjab was suffering from terrorism.

In his father’s absence, Sukha chose the wrong path and entered the world of crime. Eventually, he moved to Canada, the heaven for gangsters and mafia. On the Canadian land, he became the close ally of Khalistani extremists and helped them run extortion rackets.

Sukha remotely handled his criminal operations in India. He quickly became a wanted criminal and found a place on the Most Wanted list of NIA. Despite knowing that Duneke was a terrorist Canadian government did nothing against him and protected arrests and extradition.



Sukha Duneke FAQ

Ques: Who killed Sukha Duneke?

Ans: Members of Lawrence Bishnoi Group.

Ques: How old was Sukha Duneke?

Ans: 37.

Ques: Where was Sukha Duneke born?

Ans: Duneke Kalan, Moga, India.

Ques: Is Sukha Duneke present on Facebook?

Ans: Duneke’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were suspended.