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Suzanne Laprise
Quick info
Real NameSuzanne Laprise.
In NewsArrested for Attacking Bristol Police Station.
Birth DateMarch 26, 1972.
Birth PlaceConnecticut, United States.
Lives inPlainville, Connecticut, America.
Love Life
KidsTwo (A son and a daughter).
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 59.5.
Pounds: 131.1 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 5".
In centimeters: 165 cm.
In meters: 1.65 m.
ProfessionFormer Connecticut state worker.


All About Connecticut Woman Suzanne Laprise

Suzanne Laprise (age: 51, born March 26, 1972) is a Connecticut resident who walked into the Bristol Police Department office and fired multiple shots before getting tackled by the 7-8 Police Officers in the hallway.

According to sources, Laprise walked into a Bristol Police Department office at about 11:30 p.m. on October 5 carrying a handgun and started banging a glass window but there was no one on the other side so she fired multiple rounds at the unpenetratable glass window.

Fortunately, no one got hurt and Police officers managed to arrest her without causing any serious harm. The entire incident was recorded in the CCTV camera giving chilling details of what happened.

In this article, we will talk about this horrific incident at length and you will learn all the details you need to know about so keep reading.



Connecticut Woman Suzanne Laprise

CCTV Footage of Suzanne Laprise

As mentioned earlier, the entire incident was captured by a CCTV camera, offering a detailed account of the events that transpired on October 5, 2023, at the Bristol Police Department office. The footage reveals Laprise striking the window initially with her hand and then resorting to the use of a handgun, repeatedly pounding on the window.

Following this, she paced around the lobby, continuing to strike the windows leading to the records division and the front desk. Additionally, she targeted a glass window on a locked door, which led to the detective division and other secure areas within the department.

In the video, Laprise can be observed discharging a round at the window by the front desk and another at the records division window. Afterward, she paced again, placing her purse down momentarily and briefly resting the handgun on a lobby chair.

During this pause, she removed her zip-off sweatshirt, took a few drags of what seemed to be a cigarette, and then resumed holding the gun.

As the footage progressed, Laprise sat down, briefly placing the gun against her head for a few seconds before redirecting the firearm briefly towards the records division window and then back against her head.


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Suzanne Laprise in court

Smartly Tackled By Officers

In a calculated move, the officers carefully assessed Suzanne from a safe distance, patiently waiting for the opportune moment to effect a calm and controlled arrest. Meanwhile, Laprise added her own layer of complexity to the situation, toying with the firearm, briefly relinquishing control, and then promptly reclaiming it.

The unfolding events carried an air of intensity and unpredictability. As the officers cautiously opened a door leading to the lobby, Laprise escalated the scenario, mirroring a scene from an action-packed movie by discharging two shots in their direction, prompting a flurry of movement and reaction.

However, her theatrical display didn’t conclude there. The surveillance footage captured her pacing, almost as if she were a participant in a reality show, briefly assuming a surrendering posture before resuming her agitated circuits within the room.

The tension reached its peak as Laprise, visibly distressed, engaged in an unsettling display—clutching her head in her hands and striking doors and walls, creating a chaotic rhythm.

Subsequently, law enforcement swiftly moved in, converging upon the lobby as she gravitated back towards the firearm. At that critical juncture, a Taser was deployed, leading to her apprehension and the conclusion of the alarming episode.



Planned the Firing Hours Before At a Bar 

After Laprise was apprehended, a visit to Bristol Hospital was necessary. Shortly thereafter, law enforcement had her in their custody, facing a substantial list of charges: reckless discharge of a firearm, attempted murder with special circumstances, misuse of a weapon, carrying a weapon while under the influence, and various other firearm-related violations.

This set the stage for a courtroom spectacle—during a hearing at New Britain Superior Court on an eventful Friday, the judge set a high bail of $1 million.

Let’s backtrack to the events before the handcuffs came out, at Bristol Sports Bar and Grille on 369 N. Main St. Witnesses reveal that Laprise had consumed alcohol less than an hour before the unsettling incident.

Conversations at the bar indicated she held grievances against the police. Allegedly, Laprise boldly declared she would march into the police station, challenging the officers and even threatening to use her firearm if they didn’t comply.

Fast forward to the critical moment—when she was apprehended, her cries of “kill me” echoed persistently. The police report also illuminated her family challenges, notably concerning her daughter and disabled son.



What Do We Know About Laprise?

On March 26, 1972, Suzanne Laprise (age 51) was born to her parents in Connecticut, United States. It is believed that Lapraise has spent her entire life in Connecticut. She had a longstanding career as a Connecticut state employee.

Following Laprise’s assault on the Bristol Police Department office, information surfaced about her having a daughter and a disabled child, although details about the children’s father have not been disclosed.

Reports have indicated that the firearm used by Suzanne Laprise during the attack on the Bristol Police Department office belonged to her boyfriend, implying a potential separation from her husband and involvement with another individual.



Suzanne Laprise FAQs

Ques: Who attacked the Bristol Police Department office?

Ans: Suzanne Laprise.

Ques: From where is Suzanne Laprise?

Ans: Plainville, Connecticut.

Ques: How old is Suzanne Laprise?

Ans: 51.