The war between Armenia Azerbaijan continues Will Russia Turkey also be included

The war between Armenia Azerbaijan continues Will Russia Turkey also be included

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been fighting the disputed civilians over the Nagorno-Karabakh area since Sunday. According to the details, more than 80 people have died so far. Around the same time, hundreds of civilians have been confirmed wounded in the conflict that has been going on for three days.

The UN has also called for both sides to preserve stability, as both nations are threatening each other with tanks, cannons, and helicopters. After the war began, martial law was enforced in several areas in Azerbaijan, and curfew orders were also issued in some major cities.

As the conflict is escalating, so is the risk of Russia and Turkey hopping. Although Russia has supported Armenia, NATO has vowed to assist Azerbaijan in Turkey and Israel.

Because of this, this war is now going to capture development. The partnership between the two is likely to escalate this war. International relations between both countries are currently being preserved.

What is the reason for the war? The dispute between the two countries over the area called Nagorno-Karabakh spread over 44 hundred square kilometers. Yah area is part of Azerbaijan from international Russia but is occupied by ethnic factions of Armenia.

In 1951, the people of this region declared themselves as independent of Azerbaijan and declared part of Armenia which was rejected by Azerbaijan and there is a war between the two countries.

Thousands of people died when there was a violent conflict around 1990. While stating on behalf of Armenia’s Defense Ministry, it was said that the army of Azerbaijan started attacking the residential areas of their capital.

In response, our security forces killed two Azerbaijan helicopters and three drones. Apart from this, three tanks were also demolished. Armenia has released a video targeting the tanks.