This Reason Rohit Sharma did not allow Shaan Kishan to play in the Super Over

This Reason Rohit Sharma did not allow Shaan Kishan to play in the Super Over

Royal Challengers Bangalore beat the Mumbai Indians in the Super Over in the 10th game of the Indian Tea Twenty League. In the super over, Bangalore had to score eight runs in order to draw, and they won the match with four out of the last ball.

Previously, both teams had scored 201 runs in 20 20 overs. Ishan Kishan scored 99 out of 58 balls for Mumbai to score 202 runs from Bangalore. He hit nine sixes and two fours during this time, but despite Ishan Kishan’s excellent Innings, Captain Rohit Sharma was not sent to battle in the super over.

Carol Pollard and Hardik Pandya, who came to fight for Mumbai in the Super Over, but after the match, Rohit gave the justification not to send Kishan to the Super Over.

After the match, when Rohit was asked why he didn’t send Kishan to fight in the super over, Rohit said that we had first felt that Kishan would be sent to fight in the super over, but he didn’t feel fresh because he was beating too long. Ishan was sleepy, so we sent Pandya to Hardik.

Apart from that, Rohit said it was a fantastic cricket match. Initially, we weren’t in the series, but we were sure we could chase the 200-run target because our squad is a lot of power hitter batsmen. There’s no question that Bangalore played better than us, and that’s why they won.

Rohit lauded the beating of Kishan and Pollard at that period. He said that Kishan didn’t play well at first, but later, he battled beautifully. It was only because of Pollard and Kishan that we could get so close to the match. By the way, how did you like the beating of young Ishan Kishan. Please tell us about this in the Comment Section.