Trump Mugshot Memes Taking Frenzy On Social Media

Trump Mugshot Memes Taking Frenzy On Social Media
Trump Mugshot Memes Taking Frenzy On Social Media

It all started when former President Donald Trump surrendered at the Fulton County Jail in Georgia following an indictment by District Attorney Fani Wallis’ office.

The charges stemmed from an alleged conspiracy to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results, resulting in a sprawling racketeering case. They released Trump’s mugshot.

Now, what happened next was pretty unexpected. Instead of just being a serious thing, his mugshot turned into a big joke on the internet. People all over social media started making funny pictures and posts about it, and it became a huge trend.



Imagine Trump in the photo, looking really angry with his eyebrows raised and a super serious face. Well, people took that picture and put it in all sorts of crazy situations.

They made memes showing how he’d look if he was a cashier waiting for a tip or even how your late-night chicken nuggets might look while cooking in the microwave at 3 a.m.

Lots of folks changed their profile pictures to Trump’s mugshot, making it a kind of internet trend. One tweet that put his mugshot next to the “Monsters, Inc.” character got liked by a ton of people – over 67.9K times!



She Runs The Local Trader Joe’s Like The Navy

trump mugshot memes she runs the local trader joe’s like the navy



McDonald’s Worker Trump

McDonald's Worker Trump



6’3, 215lb

Donald trump mugshot meme Listing himself 6 feet 3



Gritty, No

Donald trump mugshot meme Gritty


“Blue Steel” From Zoolander

Donald trump mugshot meme blue steel



Goodnight Folks

donald trump mugshot meme Goodnight Folks



Lost In New York

donald trump mugshot meme Home Alone 2



Don’t Worry Bro

Trump Mugshot Memes Tweets



‘Not now Joe’

Trump meme Not now Joe



‘Smile Sweetheart’

Trump meme Smile sweetheart


‘Donald Rum?’

Trump meme Donald Rum


‘Higher and Higher’

Trump meme Higher and Higher


‘How it started / How it’s Going’

TRUMP Meme 'How it started How it’s going'


‘Watching me put no tip’

Trump meme Watching me put no tip


‘This Barbie is in jail’

Trump meme This Barbie is in jail


‘Most anticipated photograph’

Most anticipated photograph


‘I’m sorry but…’

Trump Meme I’m sorry but


‘White House portrait’

Trump meme White House portrait


Chicken Nuggets in My Microwave See at 3 AM

Trump Mugshot meme chicken nuggets in my microwave


He’s back! 91 FELONIES

Trump mugshot meme He’s back! 91 FELONIES


Monsters, Inc

Trump Mugshot Meme Roz from Monsters Inc


Thug Life

Trump Meme Thug Life