Ukrainian Passport Saved Life of 16 Year Boy | Ukraine Russia War

Ukrainian Passport Saved Life of 16 Year Boy

Ukrainian Passport Saved Life of 16 Year Boy

The continuing war between Russia and Ukraine has escalated to a dangerous level. Ukraine reports that the Russian army also targets civilians and shoots at them.

The images of devastation pouring out of Ukraine are heartbreaking, and they are making us cry. In the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, a kid narrowly escaped a gunshot. Because of the passport, a 16-year-old child’s life was saved.

According to Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, the boy was wounded, but the passport in his pocket worked as a shield, and a piece of bullet became lodged in it, sparing the child’s life.

However, he is still in the hospital, and his therapy is ongoing. Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry also released a passport photo on Twitter, in which it is evident that the bullet struck the boy while he was crossing the border, but the passport shielded him to a large extent.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the injured youngster is now being operated on, and the city is under constant fire. Ukraine claims that the Russian army is shooting at people.

Today marks the eighth day of Russia’s and Ukraine’s continuous war. This fight has now grown more lethal. Russia is relentlessly attacking Ukrainian cities, killing civilians and soldiers alike.

In a Russian attack in Kharkiv on Wednesday, 21 people were killed, and 112 were injured. Russian missiles have attacked the police station building in Nikhar Kyiv. Aside from that, there is an allegation of an attack on a hospital.

Let us remind you that the Russian military is constantly storming Ukrainian cities and claiming to have taken control of several. In this episode, the mayor of Ukraine’s Konotop city said that Russian soldiers had given him an ultimatum to hand over control of the town or else he would destroy it.

According to a news agency report, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov said that if there is a third world war, nuclear weapons can be used. He said that if this happens, it will prove to be disastrous.

In his statement, Lavrov said that Russia launched a special military operation last week against Ukraine. He said that if Ukraine acquires nuclear weapons, it can prove a significant threat to Russia.