US Military Has Chosen To Postpone Minuteman Three Launch

US Military Has Chosen To Postpone Minuteman Three Launch

The US military has chosen to postpone Minuteman Three launch (ICBM). It is an intercontinental ballistic missile. The decision was made to defuse tensions after Russia indicated that its nuclear forces were placed on high alert.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s remark sparked worries that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may escalate to nuclear escalation. European leaders regarded it as a danger to the west.

The Russian Defense Minister said on Monday that its nuclear missile troops in the Northern and Pacific fleets had been placed on increased combat duty in response to Putin’s command.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov fueled anxieties by declaring that the Third World War would be a nuclear confrontation with no way out.

The Pentagon has corroborated the Russian rhetoric. It has also stated that it expects that postponing its ICBM test would serve as a lesson to Moscow.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has described Vladimir Putin’s nuclear rhetoric as provocative. The pinnacle of recklessness.

The nuclear-capable Minute Man III is an essential component of the American military’s strategic arsenal. It has a range of about 6000 miles or 9660 km. It has a top speed of 15,000 miles per hour or 24,000 kilometers per hour.

That is a pretty powerful missile that the Americans have in their arsenal. And it is the testing of this specific missile that the Americans have now postponed.

They are hoping that Russia would regard this as an attempt by the US to deescalate the situation.