US President Donald Trump health update doctor said the next 48 hours are very difficult

US President Donald Trump health update doctor said the next 48 hours are very difficult

US President Donald Trump said in a Twitter video released on Saturday night, “I feel a lot better.” Pledging to come back soon, he said the true goal will be to get back in the next few days.

Trump said I didn’t feel so good when I came here. Trump is getting his Covid-19 medication at the Walter Reed Channel Medical Center in Washington. Trump said that I felt a lot better. Hard work is being done to get me back in any way. I hope I’m coming back soon, and I’m looking forward to launching this campaign.

US President Donald Trump, who was admitted to the Military Hospital to treat Corona, is in a very healthy mood and has been cleared of fever for the last 24 hours. According to the article, some important signs of Trump over the last 24 hours have been very troubling and the next 48 hours will be important in terms of his treatment.

Colonel Sean Conley said that President Trump has no oxygen assistance and that there is no trouble with breathing or walking. According to a news outlet, Conley also offered updates on the President’s wellbeing and said that, in a very good mood, we should hold a careful eye on the facts of any problems that may be caused by medication to strengthen him from coronary virus infection.

Significantly, Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump, were discovered contaminated in a COVID 19 probe on Friday. Trump tweeted on Saturday morning, I think it’s going to be a nice idea to thank you all for your support.

Say you that after becoming a productive Covid-19, President Trump was transferred to the Military Hospital for treatment while his wife Melania is receiving treatment at the White House.