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Veronica Youngblood
Quick Info
Real NameVeronica Youngblood.
In NewsSentenced.
Birth Date1985.
Birth PlaceArgentina.
Lives inMcLean, Virginia, America.
ParentsFather: --
Mother: --
Love Life
Marital StatusSeparated.
Ex-HusbandRon Youngblood.
DaughtersSharon Castro.
Brooklynn Youngblood.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 64.8.
Pounds: 142.8 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 5".
In centimeters: 165 cm.
In meters: 1.65 m.


All About Veronica Youngblood

Veronica Youngblood (age 38, born in 1985) is a former adult worker who gruesomely killed her daughters. Unfortunately, she committed a heinous act, taking her daughters’ lives. According to reports, the McLean resident, originally from Argentina, shot her children after administering melatonin to sedate them.

The gravity of Veronica’s actions was brought to light through a tragic 911 call by her elder daughter, Sharon Castro, before her passing. The recording of this call, presented during the trial, had a profound emotional impact on the jurors, prompting some to seek trauma therapy.

During the trial proceedings, Veronica pursued an insanity defense, which was not accepted. Following a lengthy and thorough legal process, the court sentenced Veronica to 78 years of imprisonment.

Youngblood, overwhelmed with emotion upon hearing her sentence, was heard sobbing and expressing her anguish with repeated denials, saying, “No, no, no.”




Veronica Youngblood shot her daughter while they were asleep
Veronica Youngblood’s daughters

Veronica Gave Melatonin to Her Daughters Before Gunning Them Down

In August 2018, on a fateful night, Veronica Youngblood administered melatonin gummies to her daughters, Sharon Castro and Brooklynn Youngblood. Tragically, she used a gun she had purchased nine days earlier to shoot them.

In the subsequent harrowing events, Castro summoned help by calling 911 and bravely identifying her mother as the assailant. During the two-week trial that followed, jurors were exposed to deeply distressing content, including a recording of Castro’s desperate call.

The trauma inflicted on the jurors was profound, prompting them to inquire about possibly receiving trauma therapy.

In the aftermath, Veronica Youngblood disclosed to investigators that she had planned to end the lives of her daughters and herself amid a prolonged and emotionally charged custody dispute.

Ron Youngblood, her ex-husband, shared that he had initially intended to relocate with both daughters to Missouri. However, due to objections from his ex-wife, he reluctantly agreed to take custody of only Brooklynn.



Veronica Youngblood wikipedia

Veronica gets 78 years in prison

Soon after Sharon Castro’s call, Police reached the scene and took Veronica. Sharon had bullet wounds on her chest and back, while the 5-year-old Brooklynn suffered a headshot.

Sadly, Sharon and Brooklynn succumbed to fatal injuries. The harrowing incident became the topic of headlines; everybody was shocked to hear that a mother killed her daughters.

During the trial, Youngblood pleaded not guilty because of insanity. The defense raised distressing allegations about her upbringing in Argentina, suggesting that she had been subjected to physical and even s*xual abuse by relatives.

During the proceedings, jurors were exposed to shocking revelations, one of which came from Veronica’s sister, Maria Kaczuba. Maria disclosed to the court that their family practiced Umbanda, a religion whose followers believe in the ability to communicate with the deceased.

Throughout the hearing, Ron, who had served overseas during their relationship, sat in court while Veronica testified, blaming him for their daughter’s tragic loss. Ron Youngblood also testified, expressing his deep pain and anguish from losing his precious daughters.

Ultimately, the jurors delivered a conviction on Wednesday, finding Youngblood guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and felony firearm use.

The sentence handed down was a maximum of 78 years in prison, with 36 years given for each of the first-degree murder charges and an additional three years for each firearm use count.




Veronica Youngblood with her daughters

Veronica Youngblood Family Background

In 1985, Veronica Youngblood (age 38)was born in Argentina. Not much is known about her family, although we learned she has a sister named Kaczuba. Veronica spent her childhood in poverty and claimed that she suffered physical and s*xual abuse as a child.

She was only 16 when she became a mother and gave birth to her daughter, Sharon Castro. She had no job to feed her daughter, so she started working as a s*x worker.

By 2007, she met US Navy pilot Ron Youngblood, stationed in Buenos Aires. Reportedly, he had been a customer of Veronica’s, and soon, they turned this into a dating relationship. Two years later, they traveled to Las Vegas, where they got married.

Ron worked with the US Navy, which required him to travel worldwide. Veronica now had a stable life as Ron was taking care of her. Eventually, they had a daughter named Brooklynn Youngblood.

According to sources, Veronica cheated on her husband, and when the US Navy man found he became controlling, the relationship eventually broke. Ron wanted to take custody of her daughter, but Veronica was against it. Out of anger, she killed both her daughters on August 5.


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Veronica Youngblood FAQ

Ques: How old is Veronica Youngblood?

Ans: 38.

Ques: When was Veronica Youngblood born?

Ans: In 1985.

Ques: Is Veronica Youngblood American?

Ans: She is from Argentina.

Ques: Who is Veronica Youngblood’s ex-wife?

Ans: Ron Youngblood.