Virat Kohli fined 12 lacs gets a big blow after the loss

Virat Kohli fined 12 lacs gets a big blow after the loss

Royal Challengers Bangalore Captain Virat Kohli was fined Rs 12 lakhs for a slow overrun during the Par T-Twenty League. The League said that the penalty had been imposed on Captain Kohli of the Royal Challengers of Bangalore.

Because his team slowed down in the match against Kings XI Punjab in Dubai on September 24, 2020, it only takes 75 minutes to finish an inning of 20 overs, but here Virat’s team took more time end the first inning.

The reason for this is that every time Captain Kohli reached out to talk to his bowlers. The captain’s got to bear the brunt of it. This season, this is the first mistake to make under the code of conduct.

Let me tell you that Virat Kohli’s Bangalore team was defeated by Punjab 97 on September 24. After losing, Virat Kohli said I had to take full responsibility from the front.

We lost 30, 40 runs due to both of these catches. If we had stopped them until 180, we wouldn’t have had the pressure to hit the big shots of the first ball. Kohli said things like that are still going on. Good, bad matches are always coming.

It’s time to move forward, but as I said, I was supposed to stay ahead and lead the team. The catch of these two expensive companions did not run out of my bat either.

Talking about the match, Punjab captain Lokesh Rahul played an undefeated inning of 132 runs, in which Kings XI Punjab scored 206 losing three wickets in 30 overs against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Simultaneously, the Bangalore batsmen were piled on the Punjab bowlers for only 109 runs in 17 overs in front of the 207-run target. Where Punjab won the game by 97 runs. At the same time, Bangalore was not even able to match Rahul’s score.