Who is Lana Rhoades Baby Father Nba Player?

Who is Lana Rhoades Baby Father Nba Player

NBA (National Basketball Association) is the biggest Association of basketball league in the world. Once you make it to the game’s apex, fame and famous admirers won’t be hard to come by. But once in a while, roles are reversed, and players become admirers.

Some of them even go the extra mile to shoot their shots when the odds object of their admiration is as gorgeous as Lana Rhodes.


Lana Rhoades Baby Father

Who is Lana Rhodes?

Lana Rhodes was a hugely successful adult film actress who took the adult entertainment world by storm when she entered the industry at the age of 19.

She has only been in the industry for a year, yet she has been in over 70 productions and has become one of the most well-known adult industry personalities.

She was formerly the world’s number one adult film star, winning several honors, including Performer of the Year in 2017. Even now, some websites consider her to be the top adult film star in the world.

Suffice it to say, she was excellent at what she did and had a sizable fan base on adult websites and social media. Her fans now appear to include athletic celebrities since she is said to be dating Brooklyn Nets guard Kevin Durant.

But imagine our surprise when she confessed that a famous player had been in her Instagram DMs searching for you know what. She made the announcement in a YouTube video in which she was joined by pals Alexandra Cooper and Sophia Franklin, hosts of her Call Her Daddy podcast.

A Vlog post by then-boyfriend Mike Majlak sparked the debate, in which he claimed she was DM by a soccer player with an $80 million contract and 43 million followers.


Lana Rhoades dating an NBA player

Wait, who is Lana Rhoades’s Baby Father?

Mike then abruptly ended the discussion with no additional explanation. Later, she appeared on the impulsive program hosted by Logan Paul and Mike Majlak to discuss herself and her connection with Mike.

Logan had to question her about the football player who had messaged her, and she still hadn’t given him a name. While fans had already compiled a list of potential suspects was a football player; after that, Twitter instantly went to work.

Which player had contracts in the region of $80 million and around 43 million Instagram followers?

Only four players satisfied these qualifications: Zlatan Ibrahimovi, Marcelo Vieira, James Rodriguez, and Gareth Bale. Although Zlatan had 42 million followers, his deal was not over $80 million.

Marcello had 44 million fans and a deal worth $87 million. He would have been our primary suspect if it hadn’t been for the fact that he is a loving family guy who hardly speaks English.

Hammers Rodriguez had 45 million followers, yet his deal was worth $42 million in total. Considering they were married at the time, it’s difficult to imagine any of them as the mystery sender, and then there’s Gareth Bale, undoubtedly the greatest name among these stars.

Bale’s Madrid deal of 82 million was the closest to what Lana reported, and his 42.9 million followers at that time were only a few numbers low than the 43 million Mike mentioned, and guess what? At the time, Bale was not married.

Sure, he was in a relationship with his childhood love, with whom he has three children, but he meets Lana’s description. However, this is merely supposition, and it has never been verified that it is him.


Is Lana Rhodes Dating an NBA Player?

Lana Rhoades startled many when she revealed she was pregnant last summer. She surprised everyone again on Thursday when Lana disclosed that her baby daddy is an NBA star.

Rhoades uploaded a video on many of her social media accounts in which she revealed the identity of her baby’s father. It also does not portray the anonymous sportsman favorably.

So far, the baby daddy’s identity has remained a mystery, exacerbated by the combative things Rhoades has put about her chickenhearted boyfriend, essentially labeling him a jerk for abandoning her and her son.