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Zhanna Samsonova

Unknown Facts

Real NameZhanna Samsonova.
AkaZhanna D’art.
Birth Date1984.
Birth PlaceKazan, Russia.
Lived inPhuket, Thailand.
Died At39.
Died OnJuly 21, 2023.
Cause of DeathStarvation.
ParentsMother: Vera Samsonova.
Father: --
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Love Life
Husband | Boyfriend--
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 40.4.
Pounds: 89 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 3".
In centimeters: 160 cm.
In meters: 1.6 m.
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer.
Net worth$261k.


Zhanna Samsonova lived on jackfruit

All About Vegan Influencer Zhanna Samsonova

Zhanna Samsonova, aka Zhanna D’art ( age: 39, 1984-July 21, 2023), was a prominent Russian social media influencer residing in Phuket, Thailand. Unfortunately, she passed away on July 21, 2023, due to complications related to her diet.

According to her family, Zhanna’s cause of death was attributed to starvation resulting from her exclusive consumption of exotic fruit while in Malaysia.

On her social media platforms, particularly on Instagram as Zhanna D’Art, she had amassed a vast following, numbering in the millions, and was well-known for promoting a raw foods lifestyle.

One of her close friends disclosed that for the past seven years, Zhanna had subsisted solely on giant, sweet jackfruit and durian.

Her decision to adopt this raw foods regimen was influenced by observing her peers, who appeared significantly older than their actual ages, which she attributed to their unhealthy “junk food” diets.



Zhanna Samsonova Wikipedia

How did Zhanna Samsonova Die?

Zhanna decided to change her diet from being vegan to eating only raw plant-based foods. She did this because she noticed that some of her friends looked older than their actual age because of their unhealthy eating habits.

So, she started eating raw fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, fruit smoothies, and juices. She even tried ‘dry fasting,’ where she didn’t eat or drink anything for a long time.

For seven years, Zhanna survived mainly on giant sweet jackfruit and durian, and she didn’t drink water for more than six years. Instead, she relied on fruit and vegetable juices to keep her hydrated.


Vegan Influencer Zhanna Samsonova

She became quite popular on social media, especially on Instagram, where she had many followers who were interested in her raw food lifestyle.

However, there were some concerns about her extreme diet. People worried that it might not be good for her health in the long run.

Unfortunately, Zhanna’s life was tragically cut short when she got a cholera-like infection, which may have been worsened by her body’s exhaustion from her diet.

Her mother, Vera Samsonova, disagreed with Zhanna’s extreme food choices and tried to convince her to have a more balanced diet. But Zhanna remained committed to her raw food journey.

My dears, from the bottom of my heart, I express my gratitude to you. Thanks for the help you give me. She is priceless. Yes, Jeanne chose her path.

I knew it would end badly, but I couldn’t do anything. It’s too late to talk about it now. But she, my Zhannochka, was the best for me.

She has brought me so much happiness in my life! I am grateful to have such a daughter. And to you, my friends, I will say – do not make mistakes so that mothers do not cry. And again, thank you for your help!



Zhanna Samsonova Biography

Zhanna Samsonova Parents & Education 

In 1984, Zhanna Samsonova (died at 39) was born in Kazan, Russia. Her mother’s name is Vera Samsonova, but we do not know anything about her father. According to sources, Zhanna spent her entire childhood in Kazan and came to Moscow in 2002 for higher studies.

Reportedly she did not spend much time in Russia after her graduation and came to South East Asia. According to sources, she was a free-spirited person and wanted to explore Asia, which is why she decided to move to Thailand.



Zhanna Samsonova died to starvation

Zhanna Samsonova’s Profession

Samsonova was a talented chef who loved creating delicious plant-based recipes. For 10 years, she worked hard to master vegan and raw food cooking, always looking for new ways to make food taste amazing.

Her main goal was to inspire people to eat more natural and healthy plant-based meals. She believed that what we eat affects not just our bodies but also our minds and how we treat others.

On her Instagram, she shared her journey from being a chef to a food stylist. She wanted to stay young and healthy, so she switched to a vegan diet, which made her feel physically and mentally great.


What happened to Zhanna Samsonova

Later, she became even more adventurous and started eating only fruits and smoothies. She even gave up drinking water and replaced it with different juices. People loved seeing her posts about exotic fruits, and she gained a lot of followers.

But sadly, her extreme diet started to harm her health. Despite her popularity, she struggled with the effects of her restricted eating habits.

Tragically, in July 2023, she passed away because of the choices she made with her food.


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Zhanna Samsonova Q&A

Ques: Where was Zhanna Samsonova born?

Ans: Kazan, Russia.

Ques: Where did Zhanna Samsonova live?

Ans: Phuket, Thailand.

Ques: Who are Zhanna Samsonova’s parents?

Ans: Vera Samsonova (mother).

Ques: Was Zhanna Samsonova married?

Ans: No.