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Corinna Brown

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Real NameCorinna Brown.
Birth DateDecember 24, 1998.
Birth PlaceEast London.
EthnicityBlack-Caribbean, Black-Other Areas.
ParentsFather: --
Mother: --
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Love Life
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 0".
In centimeters: 152 cm.
In meters: 1.52 m.
WeightKg: 60.
Pounds: 132 lbs.
HairDark Brown.
TrainingEast 15 Acting School.
Net WorthUSD 213.78 K.


Heartstopper Actress Corinna Brown

All About Heartstopper Actress Corinna Brown

Corinna Brown (age 24, December 24, 1998) is a British Actor, Dancer, and Fight Performer based in East London. She’s a real multi-talented star! You might know her from the popular series “Heartstopper,” where she played the character Tara Jones.

That role brought her huge fame all over the world, and it didn’t stop there. When she came back for the second season of Heartstopper, her fame reached even greater heights!

When Corinna found out she got the role in “Heartstopper,” she was completely shocked! It was a life-changing moment for her. Surprisingly, she hadn’t heard about the “Heartstopper” novels before auditioning, but as soon as she read the first comic, she was hooked!


Corinna Brown with Kizzy Edgell

Her first scenes were in the music room, and guess what? It was Tara’s big moment in the show! Imagine being nervous on your very first day on set. But Corinna did great!

In the series, most of her scenes are with Kizzy Edgell, who plays Darcy. Corinna loved working with Kizzy because they are natural talent, even though it was their first acting job.

Playing Tara was a fantastic experience for Corinna. She saw a lot of similarities between herself and the character, like having a positive outlook on life and being sensitive to things around her.

But there were also differences. Tara’s openness to vulnerability was something Corinna had to learn, as she tends to keep things to herself. Also, a fun fact is that Corinna doesn’t play the clarinet like Tara – she confessed that she’s not very good at it and has a lot of respect for clarinetists!




Corinna Brown Wikipedia

Corinna Brown Early & Parents

Corinna Brown was born in London, UK, on December 24, 1998. Since she was little, she loved dancing and acting, and she’s really good at it too!

When she was just two years old, her mom signed her up for ballet classes because she was a bit clumsy and kept falling around the house.

Dancing helped her get better at it, and she absolutely loved it! As she grew older, she tried out tap, jazz, street dance, and even cheerleading – any dance clubs she could find after school, she joined!

She also went to a Drama School called Anna Fiorentini in Hackney, and that was a big turning point for her. She started going there on Saturdays, and before she knew it, she was part of their agency. That’s when she really started performing and doing TV work.


Corinna Brown Wikipedia

Corinna is a super-talented performer with a wide range of skills. She’s great at choreography, hip-hop, and street dance. And she can sing beautifully too with a mezzo-soprano voice.

But her talents don’t stop there – she’s also skilled in ballet, foxtrot, jazz, tap, and waltz. And wait, there’s more! She’s experienced in aerial work, bartending, dance teaching, stilt walking, theatrical gun handling, trapeze, and wire flying. Wow!

Out of all her talents, acting has her heart. She decided to focus on acting and went to East 15 Acting School for three years, from 2017 to 2020. There, she got professional training and even learned how to do stage combat.



Corinna Brown during theater

Corinna Brown Acting Journey

Corinna Brown’s acting journey began in 2011 when she started doing voice-over work. She provided her voice for the character Mona in the BBC show “Hands On History – Victorians.”

She also did voice-over for other projects like “Profile” and “The World After.” In 2012, she got her first role on TV as Nashuna in the film “My Murder.”

Her big break came when she got a significant role in the BBC Three drama “My Murder,” where she acted alongside John Boyega.

The show was a story about a teenage boy’s murder in London involving a honey trap. Around that time, she also did advertisements and hosted a show on Disney Channel called “Even More Evermoor.”


Corinna Brown as Tara Jones in Heartstopper

Besides her TV work, Corinna loved theater and performed in various stage shows. She took on roles in plays like “Mother Goose,” “Macbeth,” “The Tempest,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and many more. Her passion for acting was evident in both her on-screen and on-stage performances.

While focusing on theater, she didn’t stop exploring TV opportunities. She appeared in shows like “Daphne” and “The Show Must Go Online.”

However, in 2022, her life took a major turn when she got the role of Tara Jones in “Heartstopper.” That opened up new doors for her, leading to appearances in other TV shows like “Doctors,” “Essex Girls,” “Trial 22,” and “The Green Frog.”




Corinna Brown FAQs

Ques: What is Corinna Brown’s age?

Ans: She is 24 years old.

Ques: Who is Corinna Brown’s Boyfriend?

Ans: Corinna keeps quiet about her love life.

Ques: Who are Corinna Brown’s parents?

Ans: She didn’t disclose.

Ques: Who played Tara Jones in Heartstopper?

Ans: Corinna Brown.


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