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Mapal Adam
Quick Info
Real NameMapal Adam.
Know asMa’ayan Adam's sister.
Birth DateSeptember 1996.
Birth PlaceHaifa, Israel.
Died Aged27.
Date of DeathOctober 7, 2023.
Death CauseMurdered By Hamas Terrorists.
ParentsMother: Yona Adam.
Father: --
SisterMa’ayan Adam.
Social media
BoyfriendRoei Shalev.
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Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 6".
In centimeters: 167.6 cm.
In meters: 1.676 m.
HairDark Brown.
QualificationCollege Graduate.


Mapal Adam with sister Ma’ayan Adam

All About Ma’ayan Adam’s Sister Mapal Adam

Mapal Adam (age 27, September 1996 – October 7, 2023) was a sister of famous Israeli TV anchor Ma’ayan Adam, who fell victim to a horrifying attack by Hamas Terrorists on Israel’s border cities. The shocking event occurred on October 7, 2023, shattering the lives of many.

Ma’ayan, known for her prominent role in broadcasting, took to her Instagram story to share the devastating news about her beloved sister. In a tearful message, she revealed the gut-wrenching details of the tragic loss.


Mapal Adam boyfriend Roei Shalev

Eyewitnesses recount that Mapal Adam was present at the Tribe of Nova Festival when the senseless act of violence unfolded. Tragically, she fell prey to the merciless Hamas fighters while desperately feigning death in hopes of survival.

In this harrowing episode, Mapal’s boyfriend, Roei Shalev, bravely attempted to shield her from harm. He sustained grievous gunshot wounds to the back but is expected to pull through, as reported by credible sources.



Ma’ayan Adam revealed about her sister Mapal Adam death

Mapal hid under a truck but could not evade Hamas terrorists

On October 7, 2023, a horrifying and unexpected tragedy unfolded at the Tribe of Nova Festival, shocking Mapal Adam and her friends. The festival, meant for celebration and joy, turned dark when Hamas terrorists crossed into Israel by breaking through border fences.

They started shooting at the festival-goers without mercy. The attackers showed no kindness, causing panic and fear. Some people managed to escape the terrifying situation, but others were trapped. Unfortunately, Mapal and her boyfriend, Roei Shalev, had a frightening experience they couldn’t avoid.


Mapal Adam died in Hamas Attack

Amidst the chaos, Roei Shalev bravely tried to protect Mapal but got shot and fell, badly injured. In a desperate attempt to stay safe, Mapal hid under a nearby car and bravely documented the horrifying events.

She pretended to be dead, hoping to survive, but she couldn’t escape the ruthless violence despite her bravery. One of the terrorists heartlessly found her hiding and shot her at close range, ending a promising life and causing immeasurable grief to her loved ones.


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Mapal Adam family

Mapal Adam Parents and Siblings

In September 1996, Mapal Adam (age 27) was born to her mother, Yona Adam, in Haifa, Israel. She was the cherished younger sister of Ma’ayan Adam, a notable figure in Israel’s “Dancing With The Stars.” Mapal’s warm presence was a comforting and familiar in the hearts of many.

Growing up in a loving household in Haifa, Mapal was no stranger to the public eye, often featured in her sister’s Instagram posts.

As her life journey unfolded, she stood on the edge of a new chapter, having recently moved in with her boyfriend, Roei Shalev, and taking significant steps forward in her relationship.

Tragically, this promising journey was abruptly cut short by the heartless actions of Hamas terrorists, leaving a void and pain that words cannot fully express.



Mapal Adam FAQs

Ques: How old was Mapal Adam?

Ans: 27.

Ques: What is the name of Mapal Adam’s sister?

Ans: Ma’ayan Adam.

Ques: What is the name of Mapal Adam’s boyfriend?

Ans: Roei Shalev.

Ques: Who are Mapal Adam’s parents?

Ans: Yona Adam (mother).