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Mariel Molino


Real NameMariel Molino.
In LimelightThe Watchful Eye (2023).
Birth DateDecember 18, 1992.
Birth PlaceSan Diego, California, America.
Lives inLos Angeles, CA.
Mother: Bianca Servitje.
Father: --
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Love Life
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 52.7.
Pounds: 116.1 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 5.3".
In centimeters: 165.8 cm.
In meters: 1.65 m.
TrainingHB Studio.
TelevisionGlee (2015).
Tremen2 (2015).
Entre Correr y Vivir (2016– ).
El Vato (2017).
Papis muy padres (2017–2018).
Luis Miguel: The Series (2018).
El juego de las llaves (2019).
El Candidato (2020).
La Negociadora (2020).
Narcos: Mexico (2021).
Pena Ajena (2022– ).
Promised Land (2022).
The Watchful Eye (2023).
MoviesLa fiesta (2018).
Crazy for Change (2020).
Lux Noctis (2021).
Net worth$754.45k.

Mariel Molino as Elena Santos in The Watchful Eye

Meet Mariel Molino, Who Played Elena Santos in “The Watchful Eye”

Mariel Molino, aka  Mariel Chantal (born on December 18, 1992), is a 30-year-old Mexican-American actress who has worked in South American movies and shows. Records show that she started her journey by playing a minor role in the 2015 show “Glee” and moved on to better and more prominent projects like “Papis muy padres,” “El juego de las llaves” and “La Negociadora.”

She was also in the popular Netflix series “Narcos: Mexico,” but her role was of a minor character, Nurse Bianca, so you might not have noticed her.

In January 2023, Mariel gained immense popularity after landing the part of Elena Santos in “The Watchful Eye.” It is a Hulu show where Mariel plays the role of a young nanny who gets to work for an affluent family in Manhattan but soon she realizes something is wrong with her client’s family and the building they are living in.


Mariel Molino with her mother

From Where is Mariel Molino?

On December 18, 1992, Mariel Molino (age 30) was into a Hispanic family in San Diego, California, America. According to her interview with Pop Culturalist, her father and mother came to the US from Mexico in the early 90s’.

Growing up in SD, Mariel used to speak Spanish while communicating with her parents and English with her friends.

Mariel Molino with The Watchful Eye cast

Molino revealed that the moment she got to step on stage, she fell in love with the feeling of it and decided to become an actress someday. Her first stage performance was as a crow in “Wizard of Oz,” and she realized that it was her calling.

She enjoyed telling a story and making people laugh, but it took her some time to convince her parents because they were not okay with it.

Eventually, Molino’s mom and dad gave her permission to move to LA, where she learned acting at AMAW (Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop). She even spent some time in New York, where she enrolled at the prestigious HB Studio.


Mariel Molino height & weight

Mariel Molino’s Career

After years of practicing stage art and numerous interviews, Mariel got picked by Eric Dawson to play Cheerio in season 6 of Bradley Buecker-directed “Glee.” The role that she got to play was not that significant, but it was a good start considering how popular “Glee” was at that time. The same year Molino did another TV series, “Tremen2,” where her part was Valeria.

In 2017, Mariel auditioned for a Mexican comedy show named “Papis muy padres” and luckily got selected for a significant role. During the shooting of “Papis muy padres,” Molino faced a lot of difficulty during dialogue delivery because although she used to speak Espanol daily at home, some tongue-twisting words were hard for her to speak. Understanding her weakness, Mariel worked on it and gave marvelous performances in the following years.

Chantal was also in the 2020 TV series “Chantal,” where she worked alongside Bárbara Mori and played the part of a youngster named Sabrina Vega. Some of her most recent projects were “Promised Land,” “Narcos: Mexico,” “Pena Ajena” and “The Watchful Eye.”


Mariel Molino as Carmen Sandoval in Promised Land

Who is Mariel Molino’s Boyfriend?

Molino’s fans ask this question usually because the actress keeps her personal life away from the camera and never reveals if she is dating someone. When we talked to our sources, we learned that Mariel is currently single.

Most of the time, she stays in Mexico City but during her American projects stays in Los Angles, where her second home is. Besides acting, she is passionate about helping the needy; during the COVID-19 pandemic, she and her mother raised money to help the homeless and health workers.


Mariel Molino Q&A

Ques: When was Mariel Molino born?

Ans: December 18, 1992.

Ques: What is Mariel Molino’s age?

Ans: 30 (as of 2022).

Ques: Is Mariel Molino Mexican?

Ans: Yes, her parents are from Mexico.

Ques: How tall is Mariel Molino?

Ans: 5 feet 5.3 inches.